Current major world issues are, on one hand, environmental problems such as global warming and air and ground pollution, and on the other hand, fuel supply. A very promising alternative that is becoming more and more popular consists in the development of microalgae-based bio-refineries. In this respect, the VALUEMAG project proposes a revolutionary, innovative, and eco-friendly solution to reduce significantly the associated costs, and thus building more efficient microalgae-based bio-refinery systems.

VALUEMAG Consortium

VALUEMAG Newsletter 4

Would you want to know more about VALUEMAG project technology? Are you interested to know what the status of the work packages and at which events the project was represented. Then check the 4th newsletter now!

29 April 2019

VALUEMAG newsletter three

Are you interested to know what the status of the VALUEMAG work packages is at the moment? Would you want to know more about project technology? Then read the third newsletter issue now. We tell you more about the nanoparticles synthesis methods and how they are used to obtain magnetic microalgae cells. Check the newsletter…

10 November 2018

VALUEMAG newsletter three

    Valuable Products from Algae Using new Magnetic Cultivation and Extraction Techniques   Progress of VALUEMAG According to the grant agreement, NTUA has progress on the production of magnetic nanoparticles by CVD and flame pyrolisis Operating flame pyrolysis and production of nanoparticles Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles is an important step when an industrial application…

11 April 2018

VALUEMAG project attended the BIOKET conference 2018

BIOKET took place from 6th to 8th of March 2018 at Strasbourg, France. This well-attended event, that was organized by IAR, the French Bioeconomy Cluster was visited by around 300 participants; all actors of the bioeconomy sector. BIOKET is the only European conference that is dedicated to bio-based solutions and - processes and technologies applied…

13 March 2018

Blue Bioeconomy Forum Brusels 2019

VALUEMAG participe to Blue Bioeconomy Forum Final Stakeholder event on the 25th of June 2019 at Brussels ! The Blue Bioeconomy Forum is an initiative funded by the European Commission. This event will bring together all interested stakeholders, to discuss the latest developments in the sector. It will be the occasion to unveil and discuss the…

26 June 2019

Meeting Consortium May 2019

The fourth VALUEMAG Consortium meeting took place on Thursday 30rd of May, 2019 in Portici, Italy, hosted by ENEA. 24 months after the start of the VALUEMAG project, more than 20 participants gathered together to discuss the overall project progress and details of the ongoing work within all the VALUEMAG Work Packages. We are so…

13 June 2019

9th European Algae Industry Summit VALUEMAG

VALUEMAG, a BBI project, will run a booth during the 9th European Algae Industry Summit that will take place on the 10th and 11th of April in Lisbon. If you are interested to know more about our revolutionary, innovative, and eco-friendly solution for microalgae cultivation and harvesting towards production high-value biomolecules, come visit us!  …

18 March 2019

Valuemag sponsors and participates to a workshop about bioeconomy in Puglia

VALUEMAG will present a case study during a workshop at Bari, the 19th of March 2019. The thematic of this workshop is: “The bioeconomy as an opportunity for regional development based on local resources in Puglia” A co-participation with other European projects The event will be held in Bari on March 19, 2019 at the…

27 February 2019

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