Current major world issues are, on one hand, environmental problems such as global warming and air and ground pollution, and on the other hand, fuel supply. A very promising alternative that is becoming more and more popular consists in the development of microalgae-based bio-refineries. In this respect, the VALUEMAG project proposes a revolutionary, innovative, and eco-friendly solution to reduce significantly the associated costs, and thus building more efficient microalgae-based bio-refinery systems.

VALUEMAG Consortium

BIOKET Event 2

BIOKET took place from 6th to 8th of March 2018 at Strasbourg, France. This well-attended event, that was organized by IAR, the French Bioeconomy Cluster was visited by around 300 participants; all actors of the bioeconomy sector. BIOKET is the only European conference that is dedicated to bio-based solutions and - processes and technologies applied…

13 March 2018

The VALUEMAG project, supported by the Bio-based Industries (BBI) Joint-Undertaking (JU), has officially started at the beginning of April with its kick-off meeting held in Athens on Wednesday 26, April 2017. The meeting was held at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) premises. A total of 30 participants represented the 11 partners from 9 European…

28 April 2017

On November 22nd, the first BIOECONFIN event will take place at the in Brussels. In this event, the VALUEMAG project shall be presented among others. BIOECONFIN: a top-level event on innovation and financing in bioeconomy. Are you wondering how to attract investors to your bioeconomy innovation? Looking to obtain a wide-angle view of the bioeconomy…

27 October 2017

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