25 June 2019

Blue Bioeconomy Forum | Final Stakeholder event

VALUEMAG participe to Blue Bioeconomy ForumĀ Final Stakeholder event on the 25th of June 2019 at Brussels !

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum is an initiative funded by the European Commission.

This event will bring together all interested stakeholders, to discuss the latest developments in the sector. It will be the occasion to unveil and discuss the draft roadmap for the Blue Bioeconomy in Europe. Roundtables will be organised to disuss most important challenges and suggested solutions (on policy, environment and regulation; finance and business development; value chain, markets and consumers; and science, technology and innovation).

The 8 BBI JU aquatic biomass projects (ABACUS, AQUABIOPRO-FIT, BIOSEA, MACRO CASCADE, MAGNIFICENT, SpiralG, VALUEMAG, WASEABI) will participate and exhibit at the event to demonstrate their achievements in research and innovation.