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The deliverables and the WP1 are finalised
Nanoparticles synthesis and functionalization is now performed with three methods: chemical deposition, microwave assisted chemical deposition and flame spray pyrolysis. Nevertheless, new protocols are being tested to produce nanoparticles with different size and different functional groups. Importantly, nanoparticles produced in the task will be used not only to obtain magnetic microalgae cells but also to develop the selective magnetic separation (SMS) that is part of WP3. SMS method concerns alternative ways for the extraction of a valuable compound from microalgae biomass.
The design and assembly of the chamber have been finalised and the appropriate materials have been ordered. The materials for the cone have also been ordered and are currently being shipped to Cyprus. During the assembly of the cone, some constraints of the original design forced the re-design and assembly of the cone’s mounts, required for the proper installation of the magnetic surface (figures attached show the size of the subparts of the magnetic cone). As a result, new mounts have been designed and are currently manufactured. Following delivery to Cyprus, the new mounts will be installed and system functionalization will follow.


Work Package 1: NTUA

The deliverables and the WP1 are finalised. For more details see the previous section.

Work Package 2: NOMASICO
The construction of all key components of the Soft Magnetic Cone (SOMAC) and the chamber to house it is complete. All components will be delivered to Nomasico’s warehouse in the next few weeks and assembly will follow immediately after that. All components will be integrated and the system will be tested under operational conditions.

Work Package 3: ENEA
WP3 has been started with investigations on the extraction of valuable compounds from selected microalgal species, such as Haematococcus Pluvialis, Dunaliella Salina, Scendesmus Almeriensis and Nannochloropsis, by using both conventional extraction technologies and Supercritical Fluid Extraction method, using CO2 as supercritical fluid, in order to compare these technologies in terms of extract qualification in terms of Astaxanthin, β-Carotene, lutein and Fatty acids. Results have been published in the international scientific journal with blind peer review.

Work Package 4: SUN
WP4 (from M22 to M36) activity will be focused on a preliminary assessment of potential markers for cosmetics, animal food and pharma compounds. Moreover, energy and exergy systems analysis and Life Cycle Assessment analysis of the VALUEMAG plant will be preliminary approached and modelling and simulation of the overall process will be introduced.

Work Package 5: PNO Consultants
WP5 focuses on Exploitation and Business Development activities.
PNO Consultants carried out a Stakeholder Analysis spread over late 2017 and early 2018, validated by EC, which permitted to highlight most active actors in microalgea sector. We were able to interview some of them and get their insights on Valuemag’s project and future challenges.
The study’s results are inputs for the Exploitation Plan we are beginning to work on whose final results are expected by the end of March 2019.

Work Package 6: NTUA & PNO Consultants
The Communication & Dissemination plan has been approved. The Dissemination activities report has been sent at the end of September 2018. PNO Consultants continues his social media strategy. The number of followers is increasing each month and the engagement rate on LinkedIn reaches almost 5%. In the meantime, the communication and dissemination stratégy has been refined and VALUEMAG in the coming period should be more present on several events related to VALUEMAG technology.
The communication and dissemination strategy of VALUEMAG is made to help the exploitation plan which should be starting soon.


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